Social streaming for music entrepreneurs

CastRooms Live!

Calling all visionary DJs, musicians, promoters and record labels!CastRooms is social streaming for music entrepreneurs. Exciting live online shows attended by a crowd of fans. Global reach you can build your brand on.

See the crowd react

This is social streaming. It's all live. Everyone has their camera on. You'll feel to the energy that comes from seeing real faces and bodies. Just like a real show.

A packed dancefloor
Performers interacting with fans on CastRooms

Get closer to your fans

This is social streaming. Talk to fans. Welcome them. Take requests. Shout out great outfits. Invite them on stage. You'll form deeper connections and stronger relationships.

Invite the whole world

This is social streaming. Intimate like an in-person show but global like your social media. No more gruelling tours. We're the live music destination for the internet age.

A local production going global

Sell tickets

All live shows. Built-in ticketing. You decide what to charge.

No music blackouts

We pay royalties to artists. No more copyright takedowns.

Quality streams

Designed for DJs and musicians. 320kpbs audio and 1080p video.

CastRooms Live is for...

DJs that livestream

Social streaming blows traditional livestreams away. Way more fun for you and way more engaging for your fans.

Musicians that don't tour

Touring is hard, expensive and damages the climate. Now you can sell tickets to intimate shows without travelling.

Promoters turning local shows global

Traditional tickets are limited by capacity and geography. Put up a camera, hook up a mixer and sell worldwide.

Album launches by record labels

Launch new music worldwide and invite the fans. Invite influencers to pre-launch listening sessions with the artist.

Social streaming for music entrepreneurs

Want to play?

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Social streaming for music entrepreneurs


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